Pewter Power

"And the race is on."
Sawyer Brown"

There's nothing like giving yourself three weeks to undertake one of those nagging little home renovation projects (you know... the one's you'll start/finish someday) before you host a surprise 40th birthday party for your spouse.

That's exactly what my long-distance client Apryl did. She decided the aforementioned surprise party was the perfect excuse to tackle the powder room remodel that she'd been contemplating for a year.

Since Apryl lives out-of-state, she and I consulted via text and online. We talked about the main issues the powder room has (dated, poor lighting), what gets to stay (toilet and floor), and what she'd like it to feel like (light, sparkly, modern).

She sent me some existing shots of her powder room along with some inspiration images:
The sad, little powder room before. 
Ahhh... Apryl's hopes and dreams for her powder room.

After we developed a clear vision, I gave Apryl a list of shopping resources along with advice and direction while she did the leg work.

Once the powder room is finished, I'll post the and final product and the corresponding Room Recipe.

As always, stay tuned...