Do As I Say, NOT As I Do

“The only good thing to do with good advice is pass it on; it is never of any use to oneself.”
Oscar Wilde

Ok. Here's the deal. I failed to follow my own good advice and I am passing on my hard earned wisdom to you.

A few months ago I'd written a post called 15 Shades of Gray. In it, I discuss my top 15 choices for gray paint. I also impart some very important advice... I believe my exact words went something like this:

I've selected each color within its specific brand because I DO NOT recommend color matching (that is, taking a color formula from one brand and having it matched for another brand). Each brand has a  base color that is specifically designed to coordinate with each color formula.
Although color matching results are usually pretty close, 
on occasion it can go oh-so-wrong, and it's not worth the risk.

To make a long story short, I color matched.

In my impatience (it was, after all, the weekend and the store carrying the brand I wanted was closed), I went to a local big box retailer to get a gallon of paint so I could paint my bathroom, rather than waiting until Monday to buy the correct color in the actual brand. I goofed up. Big time. Here is error of my ways:

Can you see the difference between the painted wall (on the right) and the color chip (on the left)? Instead of a warm gray, the unfortunate result is mint green. Luckily I only painted a small section of my bathroom, but I am now out $40 for the paint I bought, $40 for the paint I will purchase, and I get to start over.

Dang. Why don't I listen to myself!

Please learn from my mistake. NEVER COLOR MATCH. Ever!

As always, stay tuned...


On My Front Porch

"And the view I love the most 
Is my front porch looking in, yeah." 

I took advantage of the great weather this weekend to repaint my front doors. We added a porch to the front of our house in September (which still isn't done, grrrrr) so now that my double doors are receding, I wanted to add a punch of color. Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue HC-143 was the perfect choice.

Here's the progression of transformation so far...

This was the front of the house when we purchased it. I can't wait to have my front yard fully landscaped again!

I custom designed the front doors and painted them a bluish gray.
This was prior to repainting the exterior and adding the front porch.

And, the final product. Well, technically not final FINAL since the porch isn't done
(notice the missing wall lights in addition to many other things).  
More to come as this project continues!

As always, stay tuned...