Let There Be Light - Pretty Please?

"What is a soul? It's like electricity -
we don't really know what it is, but it's a force that can light a room."
Ray Charles  

My electrician, Stu, has been working overtime installing the new electrical. He's been working so hard partly because the entire house had to be rewired, and partly because I keep changing my mind about where I want things. I am utterly surprised at how stressful the lighting decisions have been. This has been the hardest part of the renovation so far.

Lighting is an art form unto itself. I've always kind of balked that there's even such a profession called Lighting Design. Really? How hard can it be to stick a light on the ceiling? A lot harder than I realized!

Shout out to XL Electric - they're the best!
New coffer ceiling in entry with ample recessed light.
New electrical box - yay!

Old electrical box - boo :(
Stu, probably making changes for the umpteenth time in the basement family room.

One of the many electrical to-do lists throughout the house.

Here's what I've really been stressing over - light fixtures. There are so many fun things out there right now that I can't make up my mind. Here are some lights I like. Where they may or may not go is yet to be decided. Sorry Stu, we're not done yet.

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