Exterior Inspiration

"Inspiration is the key to everything."
Olivia Wilde

When we checked on the progress of the renovation this weekend, I was amazed by how it's all coming together. I could completely visualize the finished project. The walls are all framed in and the plumber and electrician are coming this week. Cabinets are designed and appliances are ordered. Everything is right on schedule.

People often ask me how I can visualize the potential of the projects I take on. I gather ideas every where I go and in everything I do. I scour the internet, drive endlessly through neighborhoods and subscribe to every home/design magazine known to man. I go to home shows, home expos, furniture stores and furniture markets. I read books on interior design and architecture.

In fact, as I think about it, I can't remember a time that I didn't do these things. In high school, a favorite pastime of my best friend and I was to drive around and look at architecture. In college I'd skip class for no other reason than to spend the afternoon at the TJ Maxx home goods department! But in the end, after I've gathered all the knowledge and inspiration, I simply trust my intuition and go for it.

My goal is to take this:

And create something along the lines of this:

Stay tuned!

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