Change of Plans

"Trust that little voice in your head that says,'Wouldn't it be interesting if...' Then do it."
Duane Michals

At the time of my last post, nearly one year ago, we were in the process of building a new home. We had beautiful, custom designed plans created and even had gone as far as engineering them for our building lot.

Well, as my husband and children have come to accept, my "plans" often change. Drastically. Spontaneously. Without warning.

To make a long story short (more on this later), we've purchased an existing home and are going to renovate rather than build.

Introducing our new home!

It might not look like much from the front, but here's a view from the back:

Can't see the appeal or the potential? Remember, it's often what we can't see that's more important than what we can see.
I'm thrilled beyond words to take on this project. Join me on this exciting journey of transformation as we renovate, restore and revitalize!

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