House Plans: Schematics

Exterior sketch of our new house!
So here's what this blog is all about - our new house! We've been working on plans with our awesome architect, Robert McArthur. He design, built and landscaped our last house. We love Robert's homes. They are all so architecturally unique. We often drive around in Bountiful looking at houses and you can spot one of Robert's homes instantly.
The purpose of building a new house is to create one level living. Jeff, my husband, was in a serious car accident 13 years ago. As a result, he is an amputee. Our last home had tons of stairs and major yard work. We want to simplify. Our new house will have the master bedroom on the main level. The boys will be downstairs. Our yard will be small. I am hoping this will make life easier for all of us!

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